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Skinny Wrap

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The SHOOT BABY! Skinny Wraps are made from light-weight cotton jersey which naturally curls along the edges. Available in 48 beautiful colours, these wraps are perfectly suited to stylised newborn wrapping/photography. They are soft and stretchy with a plain texture and matte finish. The wrap looks great with the curled edge facing in or out! The wraps have a raw edge but do not fray easily. 

PLEASE NOTE: The fabric naturally curls along the long edges and is skinnier than your typical wrap. This type of wrap suited for particular, advanced newborn wrapping. Due to the curly nature of the fabric, the wrap has to be stretched/flared out as you wrap it around baby. 

To learn how to wrap baby in the 'Pretzel' style as shown in the product images, THIS is a good video. It's in Portuguese, and it's not our wrap that is used, but you can still understand the technique. 

Newborn photo by Seona Mercer Photography 

Material 95% Cotton 5% Spandex
Length 175cm or 68.9"
Width 25cm or 9.8"
Stretch Along Length Stretchy
Stretch Along Width Very Stretchy
Texture Plain
Finish Matte
Transparency Opaque
Edge Finish Raw but do not fray easily
Care Info

Machine Wash using:

*Delicate Cycle

*High Water Level

*Slowest Spin Cycle Speed

*Just a little liquid detergent

*Fabric Softener 

*Tumble dry in a dryer on low heat

*Remove from dryer as soon as dry

*Store rolled up or hanging if possible (not folded) to help prevent creases and wrinkles

Uses Wrap (Snug)