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Posing Pillows 8 Pack (UK)

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No washing necessary! Just use antibacterial wipes to clean the pillows after each newborn shoot.

The SHOOT BABY! Posing Pillow Set contains 8 unfilled pillows which are perfectly shaped and sized for posing newborns in a variety of ways. As well as using the pillows on a beanbag, the pillows can also be placed inside baskets, bowls, buckets, etc to position baby and/or weigh down/stabilise the prop.

The edges of the SHOOT BABY! Posing Pillows are smooth with a gradual decline, which means they 'blend' into your beanbag, creating a seamless posing surface.

Sizes are as follows:

1 x Large
1 x Medium
2 x Small
4 x Extra Small

For a heavy-weight pillow fill with rice or other similar material. Medium Grain White Rice is best because it's cheap and has smooth, rounded ends. For a light-weight pillow fill with polystyrene beans. For medium-weight pillows, use a combination of heavy weight and light materials.

Care Info Wipe clean with damp cloth or wet wipes
 Uses Beanbag Posing, Prop Posing, Prop Weights